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"Accomplishments"--almost zero
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Today was chiropractor day, and that means it was also lunch with YD day.

My day started out with a trek up to the road with the weekly trash. Since I was there by the mail/paper box I actually read today's paper this morning, not that there was all that much new to read. (Part of my morning computer "ritual" is the BBCNews site.)

Then it was off to the other end of the parish. They were really busy at the dr.'s office--I think he has some new associates. The office is very well run--the aides were taking the patients for the therapy (roller table, in most cases) before they saw the doctors.

When I went to pick up YD I learned that she wanted to show off her new car and drive. Fine with me. She would have had to share the foot space in my front seat with a bunch of dog food. Her Honda Fit is really neat and amazingly roomy. Her gas mileage in the the thirties.

I told her I'd miss the lunches when she starts her new job, but she said if the was working in the morgue that day she'd be available. And, she pointed out that she'll be working in Slidell a lot of the time. (But Slidell doesn't have a Coffee Rani with its fantastic salads!)

After lunch I dropped the dog food off at the shelter. They were, of course, grateful. I got home and realized I have a little more dog food still around. I'll put it in the car for the next time I'm up that way.

When I got home I took a nap then finished the Eric Mayer book Two for Joy, featuring the detecting of John the Eunuch. Now I have to find the third one. I think, based on Amazon's listings, that he and his wife have written five and a sixth is about to appear.

So, total accomplishments of today, if you don't count reading, were pretty slim.

So what.

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