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yards. That's how far I swam today. Essentially non-stop. I was really doing well until the foot started cramping up again. I worked a couple of those out, and then a leg decided to be "difficult." But it was a good swim.

And in the morning I got some more "weeds" pulled out of the green stuff covering a large part of the yard. My soon-to-be neighbor was mowing his generic green stuff this morning. I think when I trim back some of the bermuda grass runners I'll save them for him. If he just tosses them around and waters them a bit they should take hold. We never did plant most of what passes for a lawn--it just sort of grew, and eventually it looked a like a good imitation of a lawn.

If you have any interest at all in the origins of homo and mulier sapiens I suggest reading Christopher Stringer's book African Exodus. He writes very readably. The part I was reading today discusses neanderthalus and talks about how their bodies differed from ours. And why they died out but sapiens continued on.

And the force must have been with me--we had what was probably a very "vigorous" shower this afternoon, but it all happened while I was swimming. Of course, I'd taken the umbrella in with me at every stop, and I have found that that action frequently holds rain off until I am in a car or building.

I doubt I'll swim tomorrow--the place is open only from 2 - 6 PM, and I'll bet it's crowded. I just hope any rain holds off till I've made groceries in the morning.

Maybe next time I hit the pool I can get up to a mile without cramping out. (One mile=1720 yards)

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