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9 AM
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9 AM and I am soaking wet. No, I didn't just take a shower (that will come later). But I did collect all the assorted in-house trash, cleaned both cat boxes, and then took the rather full trash can up to the road. There's another one almost filled with yard trash, but my energy level is gone, at least for a while.

The coolest place in the house is the "office," where I have AC. Thus, an AM entry.

I have a dental appointment right after lunch. I have a tooth that's been sort of bothering me ever since the crown got put on. He's buffed it down several times, but it still has a "not quite right" feel to it. I'm hoping it will take just a bit more of the shaping to feel normal.

The household will be having a guest in about a week--her name is Emma, and I'm sure she'll fit right in with Fabian, Lady, and CC. Fabian really likes the little girls I got him last year and they like him, especially CC. She lets him wash her head and occassionally gives him a few licks. The cats, even after the Katrina trauma, had no problems with the two refugee cats who stayed here a month last year.

Emma's humans are going to be in San Diego.

I had sort of planned to do a bit of yard work this morning, but after crawling around to get the cat boxes areas cleaned and getting that stuff outside etc. my energy level is down and my batteries need recharging, metaphorically speaking.

I noticed a little impatiens growing right up by the house on the edge of the shell driveway. I wouldn't have thought there would be enough soil there, but I guess I was wrong. A year or so ago I tried to grow impatiens in a planter, so I guess at least one of the seeds fell out and took root. I may put a little more soil there and see what other flowers might grow. Every spring I get carried away and buy seeds, and far too seldom do I get them planted. I have quite a choice available, and if it's "meant to be" that flowers grow there, they will, even though the seeds are old.

I am now cooled off and ready to go back to reading and watching TV.

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