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Internet Woes
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Yesterday evening my internet provider was just not trying hard enough. Even though "ready" (the light on the modem) was steady, it could not seem to make the connection. I went through the usual rituals but to no avail. I really wasn't in the mood to call tech support either.

This morning it was fine, as it obviously is now.

Started on a new project at work today. Susan (archivist, librarian) brought me a box containing about a zillion response cards from a survey done back in 1987. It's a regular arichival sized box, and it is filled. She wants them tallied by graduation year and response to the four questions, although it's only two that she's really interested in. The purpose is to determine what age category had the most responses to questions about Tulane's takeover/merger with Newcomb back in 1987. In other words, to what age group are women's colleges most important?

I spent the day sorting them by graduation dates into decades, and copying any remarks that were on the cards. I've got the tally sheets partway figured out in my head. By Friday I'll probably have some made up.

It could be a tedious job, except that the information it will produce is significant from a Women's Studies perspective. I've got the presentation of it halfway figured out--now all I have to do is tally the responses. (Too bad they didn't have the responses on op-scan cards.)

This is an interesting project and I'm sure there will be several discussions of the statistics with other staff members.

I'm not sure if it rained today in New Orleans--at one point there was some pretty good thunder and the sky had darkened up. I'm on the inner side of the building so although I can see the outdoors, it's from a distance and I'd have to be closer to a window to see if it was raining. What counts was that it wasn't raining on the way home.

I have mixed feelings about rain: it cools it off, but it raises the humidity. And I have some more yard work planned for tomorrow, so I don't want it to rain in the morning.

It will rain when it feels like it.

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