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I finished up the preliminary inventories of the six (I miscounted at first) boxes, got them typed up, and the boxes back on the shelves. At that point it was 4 PM--much to late to start something new. I reminded the librarian that I was now out of work and I'm sure there will be something new on Monday.

I'm curious as to why we got all these records. The woman is just five years younger than I am and seemed passionately interested in her Art Therapy institute. I can't see retiring and then immediately sending everything off to a library. My guess is that she may have passed, and her family is clearing things out, obviously in accordance with her wishes. The only thing that bothers me is that she has a bunch of files that discuss patient reactions. I talked to the librarian about this and there seem to be two options--destroy the records, or seal them for a set number of years.

Well, by the time the files get formally processed I'm sure there will be an answer--I commented on this in the preliminary survey.

It is so nice to have the weather cooling down a bit. Not a lot, but a bit. And we're still having low humidity. What a combination for good sleeping, especially when you add in the later sunrise!

I'm still chugging my way through the book about musculoskeletal stress markers and their use in determining men's and women's work. This one is Sexual Revolutions: Gender and Labor at the Dawn of Agriculture by Jane Peterson. I think I can finish it this weekend. It's a reading challenge, because this is the first time I've read anything on this topic. Every once in a while I run across a statement that brings a mental "of course!" or "so that's how/why it works!"

The other evening Emma (the guest) and CC were face to face, snarling, and going bat bat bat at each other--but they were about a foot apart. It was almost like a dance. They wanted to make a point, but not actually scrap.

I'm hoping the weather stays nice over the weekend because I need to keep at the yard stuff. At the moment I'm trying to decide whether it's less work to pull the greenish weeds from the driveway/parking area, or to find the sprayer, find the weed killer, and spray the driveway. Assuming my energy level keeps from sagging, there's some more bermuda grass with wild shoots into inappropriate places--like over the patio. I'm sure the neighbors would like more sprigs.

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