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That's my current total of cartons of memorabilia from this one particular woman. Plus there is a small box where we stashed a white dress which is badly yellowed both with age and from white tissue paper. It's probably a first communion dress, or maybe a confirmation dress. It's hard to tell. There is nothing to identify its reason for being carefully saved. (Well, the intent was careful, but I've know for years that blue tissue paper keeps whites white. The cap that I wore for my baptism 70 years ago is still white and looked great on Anna. Needless to say, it gets stored in blue paper.)

Back to the boxes. I am running across many of the same stuff for reading and math teaching in box after box. There will probably be a lot fewer boxes when things get formally processed. Duplicatiaons beyond two get pitched.

Now that it's a "regular" semester (the spring may have been "regular", but it wasn't because a lot of cleanup was still going on) I'm seeing all sorts of students working around the library. There's at least one guy. This afternoon I met a young woman from North Dakota. I think her winter will be a lot milder here than in Fargo.

I'm not sure, but I think this morning BadCat improved the squirrel gene pool. She definitely had something in her mouth, and it looked sort of like a small fluffy gray tail. There are some things I don't look at too carefully.

The evening weather carried the prediction that tomorrow morning will be in the 60s! And the afternoon just in the low 80s. The timing is pretty good--I'm getting massively bored by the summer clothing for work. There are a finite number of combinations possible, and it's not real high.

There's an election coming up in a couple of weeks for state offices. The Secretary of State died last year, so we'll be electing a permanent replacement for the year remaining on his term. And we'll also be voting for an insurance commissioner. I don't know what happened to the original one. He was the first insurance commissioner in quite a while who didn't end up in jail. Of course, whoever he was, he might still. (Unless he too died.)

I need to start paying attention to this--it must be getting close to voting time because I just had a recorded phone call from the former governor. I should have listened to see who he was supporting so I could not vote for him. However, I hang up fast when those recordings come on.

I expect to sleep well tonight with the milder weather.

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