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I'll probably be headed in to New Orleans in about two hours. YD wants to allow for humongous traffic. A good idea, since there is a big show starting about 3 PM outside a gate opposite to the one we use. (We will not be going to that show.) Dome gates open at 5:30. Kickoff is at 7:57 (or some other arcane time.)

U2 and Green Day will entertain before the game. Bush 41 (dad) will toss the coin. Naturally, the governor will be at the game, as well as every other politico who can lay hands on a ticket. The halftime show is the Southern University marching band, which is one of the best in the country and always a treat. The only other band of that caliber is the one from Grambling University, in the northern part of the state. Grambling and Southern meet every year Thanksgiving weekend and the halftime show is a battle of the bands.

Back to the Saints.

I had to really think to remember where I had stashed my "game" purse. It's been almost two years since I've used it, and a lot has gone on. But, I found it and it's loaded with the game tickets and parking pass. And some money for overpriced food. I also still have a bunch of bottle caps in it. They remove the caps from soda bottles when they sell them, but it's a lot easier to have caps for the bottles. It's usually kids working those booths and they just laugh as we calmly cap the bottles.

The drink booths are a great plce for young people to pick up a few extra bucks. And "groups" take over some of them. Way back when, OD pulled beer for a fraternity--and ended up with a nice bit of tip change. (The next year the price went up so people didn't get change.)

The "return" of the Dome made it into the online BBC News. In fact, they have a video clip.

I dusted off the wooden crutches--I really don't want to take the nice aluminum ones I got in Kenya. I did a quick review/practice of up and down stairs with two crutches. With two crutches I can get better leaning support if (when) I'm in a long line. I am ready.

Except, of course, for getting dressed. I'll take along a light sweater which I can stuff in the purse or tie around my waist or shoulders. Not a problem. At least I don't have to include an umbrella "just in case"--we're currently under a lovely high pressure system.

YD is working at the other end of the parish today and said she'd call when she leaves there. That will give me time to change and feed the beasts. They won't know what to do with such an early dinner, but they'd be pretty unhappy getting dinner just before midnight.

So, today marks another bit of "normal" to appear. The paper had a column comparing old normal and new normal. One of things I remember from it was old normal second language French; new normal second language Spanish. If we didn't have half of Mexico and El Salvador here working, we'd be a LOT further behind.

Go Saints.

(If you're wataching the game and they show a clown with fluffy yellow hair and clown makeaup, look behind him and to his left about ten rows back. We're on the aisle.)

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