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Spent most of the morning clearing off (some of) the table. Goal: make room to do taxes.

But first I had to tend to bills and the non-bills that tell me when and how much will be auto-deducted from my checking account. Conclusion? the cats don't have to be turned out to hunt down their next meals. Any prey BadCat gets is hers for snacking.

Next--do other little stuff around the house, such as de-crapping the cat boxes. (One advantage of BadCat's outdoor habits is 1/3 less "stuff" in the litter boxes.)

Around noonish I headed out, swinging by OD's office to leave off a large envelope with a book, and in the book were tickets for Sunday's Saints game. Next stop was a church on the other side of the interstate. This church is still doing Katrina relief, and put out a plea for sheets and towels for people who lost everything and are finally getting back into some kind of "regular" housing.

I debated about lunch and ended up at PJ's. Today must have been Senior Citizen Day because I saw hardly anyone without gray hair. I finished the book I've been plugging away at and now have a couple more books on my "check into" list. And a lot of food for thought.

And that was it.

Oh--this morning I heard the regular big garbage truck service early in the morning, as usual. I had my trash cans out yesterday for my private hauler, and had brought one empty one back to the patio. I moved the other one about ten feet from the street, and left the lid upside down on it. They stopped to make sure it had nothing in it! Again. Of course, the day I count on them taking stuff away will be the day they pay attention to just who is supposed to be getting their service. It's really rather funny, I think.

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