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And I have FINALLY finished the boxes with the photo albums and scrapbook. All I need is a log number and I can put the processed boxes away.

But I can't find the book with the numbers, the secretary doesn't know where it is, the archivist is off on an emergency trip to her mother's. Luckily, the woman who was volunteering in the spring is supposed to be in this week. She's getting her master's in library science via an online course, and has finished for the semester. She should know. Oh yeah--the downstairs librarian is off this week.

So here we are, with nobody knowledgeable around, and the Alumnae Affairs person is trying to find some records. I end up being asked about it, since I've been working with the archives (and don't look like a student worker.) The stuff she was looking for didn't ring a bell--for one thing it was more recent than anything I've processed. It probably got flooded or even shredded--the latter accidentally.

The mosquito truck just cruised through my neighborhood and the low-flying spray plane has been buzzing around just about every evening. There's a lot of standing water, a lot of it due to Katrina. So far (she says as she crosses her fingers and knocks wood) I haven't noticed a problem.

Overall I was pleased with the election results, including the resignation of Rummy today. I wonder whose idea that was. The next few months should be interesting--and months after the newly elected are sworn it even more interesting. I'm rather tickled at the possibility of a female Speaker of the House.

So tomorrow's it's back to the archives again--and the nice people who work around there.

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