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Most of today was spent reading mind candy. It's a book I spotted that seemed sufficiently "lightweight" that I could churn it out in a day.

Title is Bubbles All the Way, by Sarah Strohmeyer. It's the sixth book in the "Bubbles" series, and the way this one ended, I don't really see a seventh right away.

It's definitely lightweight--I read the whole 341 page book today. (I also went shopping for stuff for the Food Bank.)

The reason I put a large part of today into reading is because YD mentioned that tomorrow we might going to Thanksgiving dinner in New Orleans by way of Baton Rouge. Why? Because the step-granddaughter with whom we crashed fleeing Katrina is in the hospital there. And this book seemed liked it would be a lightweight enough book for a hospital stay. In case we do go by there tomorrow.

In addition to getting groceries and reading I washed the furnace filters. There is so much dust and cat hair settling here, there, and everywhere that my mind suddenly remembered that furnace filters need to be washed every once in a while--and that doesn't mean every year or so.

Weater report for today? Gorgeously clear--with somewhat "brisk" temperatures.

Oh--and I took a shovel to the pumpkin and got a chip off one side. By evening that chip had been eaten. I'm sure it won't take long for the creatures of the wild to start tearing the pieces ooff the rest of the pumpkin. The corn ears are half gone already. If I hadn't left the shucks on I'm sure the squirrels would have taken them away. The shucks make them awkwared to drag.

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