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Eleven, Twelve. Dig and Delve.
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Fresh out of one, two, button my shoe comes a 12-rhyme. Trying to think of some other rhymes--shelve (v.), um, um. Not a lot of words rhyme with twelve that can be fit easily into some kind of sentence.

About half my assorted super-cheapo but vari-colored watches are set to show only one twelve o'clock per day. I sort of started that when I went to Romania, where they generally use 24-hour time. Being able to more or less think in 24 hour time makes it easier to cope with keeping up prescriptions when there's a big time zone change. (I also keep one watch on "home" time to be on the safe side.)

An at-home day and I spent the morning getting checking accounts up to date. That was after I put two loads of trash out by the street, and topped off the second barrel with weeds from the area. I don't think it got picked up--it went rainy about noon and my hauler can't dump at the dump when it's raining. Sometimes, if the rain isn't too bad, he loads his truck up and starts the next day with a "landfill" run. But this afternoon the rain was significant. When I drifted on home from PJ's it had stopped, but the ditches were overflowing.

This morning I called in refills for the BP meds. Just before I left I got an automated call that it couldn't be filled by my pickup time of 1400 tomorrow. That was an oh drat. I was down to two pills on one of them. So, I called to find out what the problem was, got a human, and learned it was because they were out of one of the drugs. Luckily, it was not the one where I had only a two-day supply. Next thing I knew, it was the automated "your prescription is ready" call. Okay--I was at PJ's, which is right behind the drug store. When I'd finished reading and nibbling and drinking I stopped at the drugstore--and BOTH were ready. I guess in the intervening two hours a shipment arrived.

I have GOT to remember to put a new reflector at the end of the driveway. Coming up the road at night it is very difficult to see just where my driveway is. I used to have a reflector there, before Katrina. I have its replacement in the house. (Fat lot of good that does me now that we're back on standard time.) The other evening I was coming up the road, wondering just where the driveway was, and spotted two tiny green lights near ground level. It was really pretty cute, but it wasn't Lady waiting for my return because she likes me--it was Lady wondering why it was taking me so long to get home and dish out the food.

So, what else rhymes with twelve?

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