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I'm not sure where my common sense was when I semi-jokingly suggested the numbers as "triggers" for daily entries. But I'm counting down.

29 is another prime number, as is New Year's Eve.

I was 29 when I got pregnant with YD. (I was 30 when she was born.) At that time being pregnant at 30 was not all that common, unless you were a Good Catholic or a Passionate Protestant. Both my daughters were into their thirties when they became mothers. Times change.

What else about 29? The 29th state to be admitted to the Union was Iowa, on December 28, 1846.

The 29th President was Warren G. Harding. His administration was marked by the Teapot Dome oilfield scandals. Harding died in office and was succeeded by Calvin Coolidge, who went on to be re-elected to the Presidency in 1924. Coolidge was extremely pro-business.

Today was a banner day for me--I finally finished my 2005 income tax and mailed it off. I'd filed for an extension back in October when it was originally due. When the government owes you a refund, there is seldom any problem. Tomorrow I need to do Louisiana. I'm pretty sure I'm ahead there too. I cashed in a big stack of E and EE bonds last year. The interest on those is taxable on the federal return, but not on Louisiana. At least, the last time I cashed in bonds it wasn't taxable.

So I should be able to go into the new year with a relatively clean slate, taxwise.

29 is a rather boring number, and today was a rather boring day.

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