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I slept really lousily last night, and finally turned off the alarm clock about a half hour before it was due to ring. THEN I got some more sleep.

When I'd awakened I typed up the inventory list for the collection I finished yesterday and e-mailed it to the archivist--along with the comment that I'd see her next week--probably Monday.

I went through my closet for some more clothes to pass on to a family who just lost their house and at least one child to a horrible fire. I came across a pair of athletic shoes that I haven't been able to wear for years. (I can no longer wear closed-toe shoes if I want to have feeling in my left leg.) Needless to say, they needed a thorough dusting and cleaning, but they're the right size.

In the afternoon I went to PJ's and ran into a couple of people I know. We ended up with a three-way chat. Next Friday will be its last day.

After PJ's I had to pick up a prescription. Since there was no line at the drive-up I got it there. I do believe the person working there today recognizes me (or my car!)--she spotted me and didn't even ask for my name--just got the prescription.

And so much for another IUD.

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