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This month's color (for those reading in Feb. '09) is one of the three Mardi Gras colors, which are purple, green, and gold.

So far, the monthis off to an okay start. Church was interesting--the other quarter-time minister was there. She gave a very good (and thought-provoking) presentation. I stayed a bit afterward for coffee and chit-chat.

And on the way home I filled up my gas tank and bought a Wendy's salad.

I managed to get some semi-productive stuff accomplished in the afternoon. I dumped the last week or so of newspapers in the pool and discovered there was a turtle that looked dead. I wonder what happened. I also pulled some more of the weeds that have sprung up.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, so I shall stay at home. Since it will most likely rain, I won't get around to lining the path to the new gate with leftover landscape timbers, but I have added that to my endless to-do list.

Have I ranted about The Cat with 60 Whiskers? It was a tremendous disappointment. The whisker count was mentioned maybe twice in the (very short) book, and was not an integral part of what passed as a plot. In fact, the original murder was mentioned so briefly that I quickly forgot it in the confusion of Qwuill's girlfriend heading off for Paris and staying there, and then the barn burning down for no apparent reason. Someone commented on this book on Amazon and had about the same feelings as I did. That person rated it a 1--that was generous IMHO. I attempted to post a comment but I don't know if I filled out the form properly.

Don't waste money buying it--or time reading it.

This even will be wasted spent watching the stupor Super Bowl. If I don't doze off.

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