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If you haven't read this British blog, give it a try. Today's entry shows a "hangout" like the former PJ's--convivial, friendly, and all that stuff.

I managed to drive in to work without getting rained on, and had been in the building for about ten minutes before the heavens let loose. I brought a large umbrella in with me and as a result there was no rain at all when I left for home.

When I went upstairs to get hot water for coffee there was NO ONE there. Actually there was, because as I was getting the hot water from a back room, I heard a voice from the little room with a door that locks--and usually unlocks shortly after a flushing sound. That voice was no doubt the secretary. I didn't see any of the other staff from up there. They were probably at a meeting--the director of the Center had the librarian teach a class for her.

I plugged away at the material about sex discrimination in Academia and am beginning to see daylight on this one. I've done something like half a dozen cartons on this person already, but this last one turned up just recently.

CC just went flying off the printer toward the hall. I suspect a gentleman caller may have been exploring. I don't think her vocalizations would translate into ladylike language. Now that she's settled down again she's taking an extended bath. That must be very relaxing to a cat.

So is watching TV while stretched out on the couch, which is what I'm about to do.


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