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Definitely an IUD
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A little bit of picking up around the house this morning was the extent of my AM activity. When I took some trash outside I saw Spot (the black cat with the white dot on his chest--what else would you call him?) leaving a message on the downspout by the garage. That definitely settles the question of his sex, not to mention whether he practices Planned Pethood on a permanent basis.

It was a this and that day in which I got sort of caught up on stuff around the house.

And about mid-afternoon I decided to reward myself and headed for the PJ's where I camped out (almost) post-Katrina. There were a few people there and plenty of seats. I did learn that facing the door in the afternoon is Not Too Smart--unless you like having the sun boring a hole in your eyeball.

I got another chapter read in a Phyllis Trible book that focuses on treatment of women in the Old Testament.

That sounds terribly boring, but I didn't find it so. She took one episode from Judges and analyzed it up one side and down the other, explaining how various writing constructions ended up devaluing--if not totally ignoring--women. (The same techniques can be--and are--used to emphasize or devalue other categories of people.)

It's sort of like the time I referred to the United States in the plural (these United States) when talking about early U.S. history, and in the singular post-Civil War when the question of the extent of state sovereignty vis-a-vis national unity (the United States) was settled.

And then I headed to WalMart for some necessities--mostly in the critter food department. I bought a few other things too, including a novel about demons. I figure I need to read up on fictional demonology so I can truly appreciate YD's magnum opus in the late spring.

But I really scored big time when I swung through the WalMart garden department. I found a new toy for me!! It's a Black and Decker electric (same battery type as my weed whacker) hedge trimmer and cutter down of small shrubs goodie.

I am almost done with the current collection at work, but the archivist wasn't in on Wednesday--nor was anyone else upstairs except the secretary. I've got some typing of inventories to do, but I can do that at home much more efficiently. Therefore, I plan on staying at home tomorrow. Besides, rain is predicted--not that that is a guarantee it will rain.

And I want to play with my new toy!

(Hey--don't knock it. Post-menopausal women are very close to males when it comes to hormone balance. Ever noticed the ages of women in elective political major office?)

So, other than (re) checking out the Airport Road PJ's, it's been yet another IUD.

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