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Cell Phones and Computers
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At least these will tell you what time it really is without you having to try to remember if you changed it--and whether you did the change in the right direction.

The great clock change will probably be the most interesting thing I've done today. And I wonder how many (and which ones) I'll forget.

My "productive" activity for the day was (almost) finishing the deweeding of the space between the house and the garage. It was really easy to find the dewberries--at the moment they are in bloom.

I probably have a couple of hours' work left in that general area, and my plan is to do that tomorrow. I'm also getting a really nice sized burn pile built up. It was too breezy today to even think about burning. Maybe tomorrow however.

This morning I dumped newspapers in the pool. There were about eight turtles at the surface, happily sunning themselves on some of the tree trash branches. They obviously find the pool a great habitat.

My stomach is suggesting that I eat something. Soundsd good to me.

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