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Today the Czech Berlitz came. It was previously used by "Ethel" in 1996. (I buy used books frequently.)

Today's phrase (in Czech) is "Kde jsou toalety?" Pronunciation (more or less) gde ysoh toaleti?

Its meaning should be easy to figure out. It's one of the three basic phrases one should know when travelling in a non-English-speaking country.

I did some yard work this morning and planted the little hydrangea that I bought for only $3. And then I duct-taped my poor cracking garden hose. Earlier I had done some patchwork on the mailbox using yellow duct tape to match the box color. Since the hose was yellow, I wrapped the cracked portions with the yellow tape also.

And then I looked at the weather map, which showed a very messy rain front on the way, and headed for PJ's.

I got some quality reading done there and eventually headed on home. Not what you would call an exciting day. (The front is taking its time getting here.)

I also talked with the cat sitter. Her cat cottage is not yet rebuilt, so we decided that if it isn't rebuilt by the time I leave, I'll block off the entrance the critters have created so that she stays in. The food for the wild ones can go outside the porch. Based on last year, there will probably be young raccoons still with the family by then.

On the way home I stopped at Walgreen's for a couple of things, including (putting it delicately) "bath tissue." When I was checking out the cashier asked if I had the coupon for it. I didn't notice (last Sunday) that there was one. No problem--whether or not you have the coupon you get the sale price. They have the coupon codes next to the register so that customers get maximum value. I don't know if that's all Walgreens or just this one.

And it is now time for evening TV drivel.

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