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Lovely Day!
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And it was even better because I set my digital alarm clock for PM rather than AM. (translation: I stayed home.)

Weather was spring-time gorgeous--pleasantly warm and sunny.

And I took advantage of that and tackled the jungle behind the azaleas.

I have 30+ yr. old azaleas in the area between the fence and the roadside ditch. They are five to six feet tall now, and look gorgeous when they are blooming.

But it's been a while since I've cleaned out behind them. In addition to regular weeds, there are a significant number of "volunteers" growing. I called my neighbor and told her she was welcome to harvest them.

Part of my weeding zeal was triggered by the bright blue arrow painted on the street. It has a G by the arrow.

Sorry gas company that you can no longer read my meter from the front seat of your truck--using cute little binoculars.

I've seen meter readers a couple of times going into the yard, but they were probably from the water company and have no choice, since that meter is below ground level and has a cover to lift up.

So--my current "gardening" project is now cleaning up the "trail" a bit.

I had taken what I thought would be my first load of yard trash to the burn pile when my phone rang. It was my next door neighbor. I told her about the azaleas, we discussed various plants etc.

Our conversation had barely ended when the phone rang again. What a busy afternoon!

I do plan to go to work tomorrow and have double-checked my alarm clock. It is already "on."

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