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And Another Day Bites the Dust
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Another one of those novel-length days of activity. NOT.

Slept a bit, but there was no really compelling reason to get up at a set hour.

I did some Stuff around the house, petted (and conversed with) the cat, then brought the mail and the paper inside to read.

My plans for the day included geek reading in the afternoon, and I almost didn't make it to PJ's before the heavens opened up.

It was Not Raining when I left the house, but there was a huge dark cloud ahead of me. I thought I'd make it to where I was going before the rain could, but didn't. However, my karma must have been in pretty good shape because the worst of the rain (which had started about three minutes after I left my driveway) had almost subsided when I got to PJ's. I lucked out and found a parking spot only about six feet from the overhang, and got into the store with rain only on the umbrella.

Naturally, about the time I settled in the rain stopped for the afternoon.

I got some quality reading done, then someone from the old PJ's stopped in and we chatted for a while.

By the time I was ready to leave there wasn't a rain cloud around, so I picked up (technically, I bought) some stuff at WalMart.

I came up the driveway to see Stripe waiting patiently for his supper. He still won't come to me, even though he seems to regard me as Chief Source of Food. CC doesn't seem to mind him hanging around.

It's starting to get dark, which tells me it's also getting a bit late. And according to the computer clock, I've missed the first 12 minutes of "Bones!"

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