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Food Emergency
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CC and I are still having "discussions" about just where it is appropriate (in human terms) to sleep/rest/etc. on my computer table.

The woman who will be hostessing her while I am gone in July stopped by in an answer to a "help" phone call regarding lack of critter crunchies. Knowing that she is currently cat-sitting the menagerie next door, I had no qualms about asking her to pick up critter crunchies on her way to do the daily feeding next door.

We socialized for a nice length of time. She was wondering if CC was inside. I checked the computer room but didn't see her.

After the pet lady had left I came back into the office room to do the usual early evening thing. And I spotted CC--she was under the table. I think the unfamiliar voice concerned her.

Now she wants to be extra close. Knock wood, but I think I am finally getting through to her that she is NOT to walk on the keyboard, whether it is covered or not.

When I go off on my vacation, CC will be staying with the pet sitter in her newly rebuilt (currently under construction) cat cottage. And I'm sure she'll be good friends with Janice by the time I get home.

I got some more yard stuff done this afternoon. And I don't think I'll be doing much more for a few days. There's a low pressure system in the upper Gulf, moving in a counter-clockwise pattern toward the west. And there are flood warnings up for coastal areas. The local forecast shows possible/probable thunderstorms for the next almsot a week.

Well, June 1 is the "official" start of the Tropical season.

Cross fingers that the power steering pumps come in tomorrow!

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