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It cleared up after lunch. (The weather, in case you didn't read this morning's mini-entry.)

So I went out to continue the battle against weeds (plants growing where I don't want them to) and fallen leaves and pine straw.

I filled up not one, not two, but THREE trash cans with weeds, trimmings, etc. My fire pile is almost as big as the one that I burned the other day.

And I am exhausted. The weather was cool enough that I didn't think heat stroke was imminent. Best of all, I can really see a difference where I was working. I definitely plan to continue tomorrow, since my car is still awaiting a valve(?) transplant.

I showered (of course) when I'd reached my stopping point, but I should have included washing hair--it's still damp with sweat. However, it's going to get sweaty again tomorrow, so it really doesn't matter.

I wonder how long I'll make it this evening, before I collapse into sleep.

When I was a kid (in New Jersey) our town (Nutley) had a Memorial Day parade. WWII began when I was 5, so there were no parades during that time. I can recall being in a parade when I was a Girl Scout, and then being in parades when I was in high school and in the band. (flute/piccolo, in case you were wondering.)

The parade stopped at all the cemeteries and there was a bit of a speech, and then a rifle salute.

My uncle--born on my mother's tenth birthday--died on the drive to Aachen during WWII. He's buried in Holland, in Margraten Cemetery. The pictures from the Dutch family who adopted his grave show the crosses "row on row" but they have since moved everyone to a fancy cemetery nearby. OD's husband and his jazz band were in Holland a few years ago and went to look for the grave.

My mother's other brother was in the Navy and in the Pacific. I don't think he saw any significant action. My father had a somewhat deformed left arm and was partially deaf. He was classified 1A, but was never called up.

My late husband served in the army in Korea, quite a while before we met. (He was six years my senior.)

I grew up with wars going on, and then there was Korea, and then VietNam.

How many years have we been messing around in the mid-East now?

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