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It's here, according to the forecast. Summer, I mean.

Each day has a projected high that starts with a 9. For early June, here, that's getting up there.

Global warming? Your imagination. It's beside the point that we haven't had a hard freeze in quite a while. (Not complaining there either.)

Oh well. I'll continue to do yard work in the early AM, then use OPAC in the afternoon.

Today, however, was a work day and I am beginning to "see the light" with the current collection. I'm down past T in the alphabetical areas.

I wouldn't say it was slow, but I can't recall seeing anyone other than the librarian and me coming into the library. There were a couple of people upstairs, but the only one there most of the day was the current secretary.

When I went out to my car at departure time there was one of the little 2-person scooter-type vehicles (that are used by maintenance and cops to get around the campus) stopping at least once in every block to chalk in a big arrow on the pavement.

I asked the guys what that was for, and they said for a 5K race this weekend. I looked at the cars stopped behind them and told them they couldn't start moving again till they had stopped at least three cars. Two were just a petty annoyance. They went off laughing. I think I got a dirty look from one of the drivers who had had 15 seconds added to his drive.

Tomorrow it will be back to the bushes as I plug away at the yard stuff. I also have to empty the trash can from yesterday. And the old newspapers are piling up, so I need to visit the turtle pond again.

In the book about heaving bosoms, the authors were commenting on how stores placed various categories of romances. One might think (naively) that all romances would be in the same area, but that is seldom the case.

African-American romances are with other Afr-Am books--not with the romances.

I thought for a moment, and realized that was the case with my local WalMart, at least. More than ten years ago one of my Dillard students told me about a book by one of his favorite authors, so I looked for it, bought it, and read it. It was excellent. It was a romance by Eric Jerome Dickey. And it was racked in the Afr-Am section. Since then I've read other books by this author. They are well-plotted, well-written, and thought-provoking. And if you're looking for hot---well yes!!! As I recall, they are more mystery than between-the-sheets.

One of my age-contemporaries (probably within 10 years of my age) was in today and noticed the Heaving Bosoms cover. I gave her a brief rundown on the serious parts, and told her I'd put the book in her mailbox when I finished it. She thought that sounded good.

Any funny looks and I'll blame it on my kid.

Did I mention that today was hot--and no afternoon showers to increase the humidity while cooling things down a bit.

My light side reading is the J. D. Robb. I think I'm about halfway through that. And I have several more books waiting for me. And a vacation coming up. I'll have to compare notes with my travelling companion so we don't duplicate reading material.

Well--the next couple of days will focus on yard stuff. I think tomorrow I'll have the bonfire. Everything should be pretty well dried out by then.

Just what we need--more heat in the air.

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