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New Week
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I had vast plans for today involving sweating gallons and plugging onward with the great de-weeding.

But my body slept later than my mind had planned, and by the time it woke up it was already too hot to think about working up a sweat.

So I did indoor stuff.

Around 3 I headed out for some errands and food. And gas for the car. Food was first on the list, and I headed for good old Arby's. Today, however, I had a salad. Very good.

Next stop (after the gas station) was Walgreen's, because in the course of morning tidying I ran across a $3 off coupon (for any Walgreen's purchase) and concluded that I should look for a replacement battery for my camera there. I found it, as well as a book on sale, so I am now set not only for taking pictures but also for reading.

I plan on going in to work tomorrow and Wednesday. (Thursday I have a couple of appointments.) Going in to work means OPAC, and it's hard to pass that up.

As usual--an IUD.

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