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The Cuddly Cat
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CC is being almost obnoxiously loving. Granted, she's in the air-conditioned room, but she wants to be close to me.

She's not content with simply taking up a large amount of what little free space there is on the card table.

No, she wants to "help" by messing with the keyboard.

Did you know that a cat tail, when flipped, can exert enough force to activate a key on the keyboard?

So can a cat's paw, but that's pretty obvious.

And then there's the space issue.

It's one thing if she lies there and lets me stroke her every other sentence.

However, she is currently engaged in a Major Bath.

And a Major Bath means shifting position frequently--part of which means pushing the keyboard around.

The mouse is in danger of getting shoved off the table.

I spent the afternoon using PJ's AC and reading more in the book about pf. It is really interesting as it coordinates the changes in pf with world events. This afternoon it was about the effects of WWI on pf. (pf=prehistoric fiction)

The nice part about this era is that some of the cited works are in English--so there is a possibility that I might read them.

I'm anxious to read the "take" on Jean Auel's version of pf.

When I finished there I stopped at WalMart for some stuff.

4 PM on a Friday that will be followed by a holiday is not the greatest time to be in ANY store. Luckily, I didn't have much I needed so I wasn't upset that all the motorized carts were in use. And the jiffy lines were moving right along.

Shortly before I left this afternoon the UPS man came to the door--with all the materials relating to the trip!!!

We will be cruising down the Danube, instead of cruising up the Danube.

Getting there will have only one stop--Atlanta--from which we will head for Munich. Coming home will be from Budapest to Paris to Atlanta to N.O.

I really despise Charles DeGaulle Airport--it is HUGE. However, since I have been asking for transport it has become much easier to navigate. The person with the wheelchair knows all the shortcuts. And when I travel I keep a bunch of $5 bills in my pocket for tips.

Once (at CGD) I--and two others who had three cats in carriers--ended up being lifted to the rear of the plane by one of those vehicles which deliver food and stuff to the galley and entered from there. The others boarding had to use the rolling staircase.

Now I am starting to get really excited about the trip!! It's "within reach." This month.

And I have to clean my house, especially the "guest" bedroom, so my travelling companion is not utterly appalled.

This evening I shall re-read the trip materials.

Cat has now expanded so that my keyboard is almost half off the table. I wonder if she is sending me a message?

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