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Spot is getting downright friendly. He has begun assuming that feeding time is meant for him also, and is not just an afterthought.

Today I had just gotten CC's wet food into the dish when a bundle of black fur landed on the counter. And knocked the dish off.

He sped for the porch, while I got things back together, then took his half can out to the porch. I think he figures I've added him to thhe feed list.

He expresses his appreciation now by deigning to let me pet him.

I headed out for errands and lupper, and when I got back Stripe was waiting for the dry food to magically appear.

I didn't do any yard work today--I slept a bit later than usual, and figured I should tend to middle of the month month finances.

CC has totally taken over the card table on which the computer sits. She has gotten stuff (such as the modem) rearranged to fit her body. This is better than thwacking her tail against the keyboard, I guess.

Part of this is making sure I'm still here. Even though Janet tended to her, I (her goddess) had been missing for almost two weeks. And she is learning the "rules" for hanging out by the computer.

I must get back to work next week. When I don't go in those two days a week I have too many tomorrows available to which I can procrastinate.

Tomorrow evening I'll be watching the first Saints pre-season home game.

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