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Is it a sign of technology when you have an e-conversation instead of just using the phone?

That was this morning as YD and I tried to coordinate an appointment in New Orleans with her needs. The problem is my limited walking distance, especially in the good old Southern summer. One time the usual parking garage was full, and I ended up parking about three blocks away. I was a wreck when I got where I was going.

It may very well rain Thursday, which would take care of the heat problem, but it would introduce poor footing on wet sidewalks if the parking garage attached to the building was full again.

Oh well--it beats the alternative.

The recent rains have cooled things down a bit, and I got some stuff done around the house. After lunch I went to WalMart for some more critter food and to fill up my gas tank. Gas was 12 cents a gallon cheaper than at the discount place on my way into New Orleans.

On the way back I got a Mandarin Chicken Salad at Wendy's. With the senior discount, a five dollar bill takes care of it, and I even get 12 cents change.

My critter count today is rather low. So far, no raccoons. Yesterday I saw only Mama Goldie and Spot. Today the only visitor was Stripe. The evening is yet to come though, and I'm sure that any kibble I put out on the porch will be gone by morning.

Shortly after I got up this morning I heard the sounds of a backhoe at work. Was the parish messing with the ditches again? I walked down for the paper anad saw the trailer for the backhoe in front of my neighbor's property.

Yes, the noise was coming from his yard, and I do believe that he now has a new septic system.

When we had to re-do ours we also had to bring it up to code. This means that we have an aerator thing that keeps the "stuff" moving in the tank.

The pump got flooded during Katarina and it took a week or so to get it replaced. They came from a place that was really badly flooded. (Chalmette)

The son of the company owner brought the new one, and it turned out that he's an English prof at one of the local colleges. However, since they were all closed, he was put to work in the family business for the time being.

So my concerns about backhoe noises were groundless (bad joke, I know).

So--let's look at the rest of the week. Tomorrow (Wed.) I go in to work. Thursday I have a couple of appointments in the morning at the imaging center, then a 2 PM appointment in New Orleans. Friday I think I can collapse and think about the yard/house work I should be doing. Maybe even do some.


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