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Washing or Softening?
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I glanced out the window and saw Mama Goldie and one of her children daintily picking large dog biscuits out of the old ice chest. Okay--nothing unusual about that.

But then Mama took hers over to the puddle from the dripping patio cover and dunked it. Was she washing it? I don't think so--she nibbled at the soggy end, then kept on dunking it. So did the little one with her.

That makes sense, I guess.

And it's one of the reasons I feed the critters--to observe and learn about them.

Not much going on today--I tried again for the chiropractor and made it this time. On the way home there had been some kind of "incident," because the traffic on the interstate was at Slow Crawl for several miles. And, of course, no sign of what had brought it about.

This afternoon was outstandingly unexciting. It rained, which helped me with a short nap, but cancelled out plans for burning brush.

Instead, I kept working on the inventory lists for work. I'm making good progress and will definitely have them all done by tomorrow night. That means I'll go in to work on Friday.

Works for me--rain is part of the forecast for tomorrow. It's part of the forecast for Friday too, but in this season rain is always a possibility. (Just so long as it's not accompanied by counterclockwise winds over 50 mph.)

Time to return to the front part of the house and see how many "visitors" there have been. Spot has been by for dinner, and Stripe was waiting when I dished it out.

And at least two of the masked family have come by. Probably the rest have eaten by now. I just hope they haven't figured out how to let themselves into the house and seek the source of the handouts. They have voracious appetites, even if they are really cute. And I have no intention of ever going near one.

I think rain is in tomorrow's forecast also.

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