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Back at Work
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Actually, it's back working at work. In other words, I took myself into New Orleans.

And I got the inventories into the proper boxes, finishing just about the time a stranger walked up to me and introduced herself as the part-time fill-in archivist while the regular archivist is on partial loan to the state. Obviously, she had been briefed about me--and she had heard about me from the Xavier archivist (with whom I spoke last week).

So she took the cart with the completed work on it somewhere (best not to ask) and then returned the cart--loaded with another collection waiting to be processed.

I had a rather spectacular start to my day at Tulane--I managed to put in the wrong alarm code, so the alarms went off. This happened to me once before so I waited by the front door till I saw the campus police headed for the building. Except that this time it was three cops in two vehicles. One of them waved the others off, saying it was okay. This was the guy who took care of things the other time I set off the alarm. He knows I don't have a Tulane ID and he knows that I've been working fairly regularly as a volunteer for about three years now.

So he reset the alarm and headed back to the cop shop.

My commuting drives were uneventful (thank goodness), but then I'm sort of ahead of the crowd. There were short slowdowns in each direction, but nothing spectacular, such as multiple lanes closures that can add about half an hour to the commute. Or getting directed off the interstate and hoping you remember the sruface streets from the 60s when there was no interstate.

The resurfacing of I-10 between the North Shore and New Orleans' eastern edge is about done. And I couldn't help but notice that the lane striping includes not only white sort-of reflective paint, but also series of Bots Dots. That should alert drivers to when they might be drifting!

The weather tomorrow morning will determine whether I go in to work, or wait till it's not rainy.

But it was good to be back.

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