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Another Day
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Another blah day. Did "stuff" around the house in the morning, then went to the big W in the afternoon.

Restocked on critter food and some food for me. I never did find the baking soda to add to the kitty litter in the bathroom. I settled for an Arm and Hammer product "specifically" (ha!!) for cat boxes.

And now the cat has hit a key that deletes characters you don't want deleted. Eventually I'll find the magic formula to get it back to the way I like it.

And--it is raining again. Today has alternated between raining sort-of and being not-rainy. Not a great day.

The weather outlook is for more blah weather--rain off and on, etc. I should probably feel sorry for the little darlings tomorrow night.

When I was a kid we called it "going begging" and when the door of a house was answered we asked "do you have anything for Halloween?"

I've never liked the "trick or treat"--it sounds somewhat threatening, like kiddie blackmail.

Now I live 150 feet from the road, and tomorrow I'll close the gate across the driveway. If any little monsters come by, I'll have to figure out something to give them. I just remembered that I forgot to buy apples this afternoon.

However, it's been years since anyone came by. The kids who used to have long since grown up and (mostly) moved away.

I'll still close the gate to discourage people.

Just call me the Halloween Scrooge.

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