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Slow Day at the Vampire Restaurant
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Today was platelet day, and my blood was red enough.

During the two plus hours I was there only two others came in to make donations of whole blood, and there were no other platelet people.

The last time I was there were three others donating platelets and three or four others donating whole blood, including the state trooper who had never donated before.

I go prepared with a book to read. And there is often conversation with the staff.

I took a book I had finished down there and left it on the table in the "waiting room." It had disappeared when I left.

Then I had lunch at Arby's, followed by a stop at Walgreen's to pick up a couple of prescriptions I'd phoned in. One was ready, the other needed physician approval. When I inquired about the second one I sent my charge card over, but I failed to notice that I hadn't gotten it back. (I was in the "tube" line, rather than the window line.) I wasn't all the way home when I got a call from Walgreen's informing me of this.

So, I turned around and went back. The woman had told me to inquire at the photography desk, and I did. The woman there got the card and was all set to ask for ID when she spotted my picture on it.

Eventually I made it home, to find that a large friendly black cat wanted IN through the door.

I sprinkled some dry food on the porch, and took care of that problem.

Tomorrow will be a work day.

I need to get to bed a bit earlier than last night--the Saints/Falcons game was not a runaway, and the outcome wasn't clear till about the last two minutes.

I do not want to even think about the homebound traffic. I doubt many people left early.

Next week it's another divisional home game, against the Carolina Panthers.

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