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Since I had a telephone appointment at 4 PM I decided to stay home, rather than try to get back from New Orleans by then.

Since I was home, in the morning I headed for WalMart for the more-or-less weekly shopping. I found that they still had a few of the lawn chairs I like still available, so I bought one. I guess I'll try to Freecycle the five aluminum frames from those that have died.

They have eased up a bit on Do Not Remove Motorized Carts from Store policy. And so far it's worked out well for me. I had just loaded my stuff into the car, when the man in a car asked if I was done with the motorized one. I said YES--so he backed up enough for me to get out, then got not only a handicapped spot but a motorized cart to get him into the store. I used to shift everything to a regular cart before going out. Guess they have discovered that a motorized cart "abandoned" in the handicapped parking area is quickly brought in by the next person to park there.

Spots has been inside several times today. The most recent was when he decided that he didn't want to share the front porch with a raccoon. He has obviously been a pet cat--he cuddled up on my lap and gave me the standard feline look of absolute adoration. Fortunately, CC was not in the room at the time. She makes her cuddle time at night when I am asleep. Guess she doesn't like having a bed that tends to get up and down, which is the case in the daytime.

Tonight will be early to bed--work day tomorrow.

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