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I got to work a bit before 7 AM (I have no idea where the traffic was) and settled in to my cartons of letters.

I am up to the sixties with letters from the mother. And along the way daughter and husband have acquired two kids. Mother is having hissy fits and conniptions over the desegregation process. It is, of course, a Communist conspiracy of some kind--designed to cripple the United States.

When I write up the description of the collection I shall be sure to mention that it is an excellent reference for opposition to desegrgation. As I said before, I am having a hard time being dispassionate about the derogatory language used. I am quite sure that if I had used those terms around my childhood home I'd still be standing up.

Other than that, it was another nice day.

EXCEPT--they are working to put up a new building (or maybe more) where they just finished tearing down what I think were temporary post-Katrina buildings. I've got a great view of the construction. But first I have to survive the pile-driving sounds.

This schedule I have worked out gives me great commuting traffic. I'm ahead of it in the morning, and also in the afternoon, although to lesser degree. I was running a bit early this morning and may have been the first customer at McDonald's. The traffic seemed a bit lighter than usual. I am not complaining.

Spots slipped in when I was opening the door this afternoon. It's hard to juggle a shoulder knapsack and keys while opening a door. CC was in the den, waiting for me. Spots just looked at her and continued on into the kitchen. He has made zero aggressive moves toward her, and she is gradually not running off quite as quickly. She hasn't made aggressive moves towards him either. I suspect they will eventually coexist.

When he hears the car coming up the road he appears from wherever he's been lurking so that he can greet me.

And CC has started sleeping with/on me again.

So, another day gone by. I can feel the start of fall temperatures. Football season is well over the halfway mark.

And end-of-year holidays are just around the corner. (bah humbug)

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