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I'm not sure where today went.

I slept really poorly last night, although I had resolved to NOT stay up for the Star Trek that comes on at midnight.

But my body just didn't want to sleep--at least not until the Klingons and the Empire were non-enemies again.

I got a bit of holiday shopping done, then read while I ate at Burger King. (It's closer than Arby's, and the traffic was heavy.)

When I got back home I called my auto guy to see if his son wanted to earn some money. The guy sounded a bit relieved at constructive activity for the kid. (I identified myself by my car--there aren't very many like mine.) I think my original Yard Kid is being kept very busy with his full time job at Taco Bell.

Current reading? the first book in a series in which I have already read the second and third books.

With luck I'll sleep better tonight. (Unless I doze off early in the evening watching TV while I read.)

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