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---the erratic internet service from Charter, I figure that in order to maintain my "daily drivel" I'd better post while I have a 100mb connection.

Had a good night's sleep, complete with giant warm cat whose sleep waves reinforced mine.

Definitely not bathing suit weather, but pleasant outside, and I got some yard stuff done. Not much, but some.

I contacted OD to tell her I'd leave ticket stuff in the "usual place."

Next on my agenda is Walgreen's for some miscellaneous stuff. I'll wait a few more days before tackling WalMart. If I need food stuff I can get it at the little Sav-a-Lot. It costs more, but it doesn't have huge long lines.

If the weather is still good, I'll probably do a bit of yard work when I get back. The burn pile needs to be rearranged and more stuff added to it.

And then maybe send some post-Christmas cards.

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