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On Again, Off Again
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Early this afternoon the internet was off again--or at least too slow to be effective. Once again I called the Charter number, and once again I was asked for my password????

So - - - I hied myself to the Charter place, and gave them my tale of woe.

End result (they were very courteous) is that someone is scheduled to come by on Thursday. I told the service rep about the previous guy with the cat allergy, and she made a note about that.

When I got back home I figured I'd see what was what, and lo and behold--no problems at all. No little icons/notes that said "don't have enough internet strength to connect."

At this rate I may end up fast friends with everyone at Charter.

And (needless to say) if it is still working right on Thursday, I'll call and cancel the repair guy.

That is, if I can get through without having to invent a password. If that's the case I'll go to the office and tell them in person.

Climate-wise, today has been gorgeous. Sunny, and not too cold. A nice southern winter day.

However, the radar doesn't look good--large green blob over Texas and moving east.

CC's flea collar broke and fell off. That sounds to me like a good reason to lupper at Arby's and stop by Walgreen's on the way home for a couple of new ones. (I wonder how Spots will take to that.)

My life is just filled with excitement, isn't it!

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