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I need more RAM
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I need more RAM. Not in my computer. In my brain.

I am just doing too much multi-tasking this week. We had a minor printing-related emergency at work, which resulted in entirely too much scurrying around trying to locate printed master copies of manuals. (And I got stuck with the one where Person A sent me to Person B, who sent me to Person C, who sent me to Person D, who sent me right back to Person A. Gaaaah.)

Then the server on which we store the vast bulk of our files went down for two days, which resulted in my having to work on whatever projects I happened to have locally stored files for, rather than whatever projects were most important or most suited to my mood and energy level at the moment.

I picked up another project: I'm going to be pitching in to help the marketing communications department write some applications notes. This should be really fun, since applications notes are short and snappy and get printed up on nice glossy paper and handed out like popcorn to prospective customers. It will also be a really nice addition to my resume. It is also, thank goodness, not on a tight deadline, or I think my brain would explode.

I dunno - I really should work on not letting things like having the server go down or not being able to reach someone who has information that I need get to me. I'm generally good at juggling multiple projects, but when something external to me is blocking me from going in the direction I want to go, I tend to fret and fritter. (Well, not quite. Normally when I find an obstacle in my path, I set about figuring out how to remove it. It's when the obstacle can't be removed by my own efforts that I get into trouble.)

Ah, well, tomorrow is another day, and with any luck, I'll be able to sort out all the annoying stuff, so I can stop being annoyed by it.

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