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Hi Ya...

I know, I know. I am not very regular with blogs these days. Sorry. It's a block of some sort... and words are not forthcoming.

However, I have/had an online friend, John Bailey (if you are reading this John... hi!) who used to write a wonderful blog. He was so faithful in his writing, whether or not he had much to say... he would write a little something. We, his faithful readers, would really appreciate even the tiniest of entries from John. He lives in Wales now. He is British. He is an amazing man. And now he has stopped blogging altogether, and I miss him. We all miss him, who know him. We wonder what has happened to him, to Graham, to the world he made come alive in his entries each day. If you were a reader of John Bailey "The Old Grey Poet/Journal of a Writing Man" then you know of what I speak.

Anyway, I am going thru a block now, and I don't feel much like writing a blog entry at all. But I don't want to just disappear either - like John has apparently done. I checked his blog the other day - everyone has left comments but it's been more than a year now... Where Are You John Bailey?

Just so you don't ask that about me, I am still here... going about my most boring of all lives, not getting into too much trouble except in the kitchen when that Kitchen Devil rears its ugly head and makes me crazy... but other than that, all is well, as well as can be expected.

Just so you know. Today is Saturday, 17 January 2015. I will try to get back into some sort of writing routine but not sure just when that will be. It may be tomorrow, or it may not. But I will promise you this - I will force myself to write a little blurb like this now and again to let you know I'm still here... (John? How about one from you?)



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