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Like A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
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Ugh. I'm overworked and I haven't even been to my first class yet. How horrible is that? Well, the spring semester started up today, but luckily I don't have Monday classes. So my first classes begin tomorrow. But that doesn't mean that I get to relax on my last day off.

Today I'm pretty much running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Granted it's grusome imagry, but it is also very fitting. I need to get everything ready for school tomorrow, do tons of laundry (I'm on load 5 of 10 loads), and e-mail and call too many people to count so that I can get their address out to my Mom. She's currently mailing out the wedding invites and needs people's addies ASAP.

My winter break was barely a break at all and I'm going back to school already stressed. I am not looking forward to this semester at all. My heafty work load combined with job searching (which is still proving fruitless) and my wedding are going to make for one neurotic me by the time graduation rolls around.


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As if this wasn't obvious.

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