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I am so tired. You know the kind of tired when it takes all your will just to keep your eyes open? I'm there right now.

Today was my first day of my last semester of law school. I had Constitutional Law (Fed/State), Remedies, and Toxic Torts today.

Fed/State is very confusing. I don't think I'll like the class, but its required so there's not much I can do. On the bright side, Professor McGoldrick is teaching it so there's something to be happy about.

Remedies looks like another not so fun class. It seems kind of on the difficult side of things. But I like the Professor well enough (Ogden) and once again, it's required.

Toxic Torts was a pleasant surprise. The reading was interesting and I actually enjoyed the class. Even the Professor (Gash) acted somewhat human during it. Maybe he's better to have for elective classes. He doesn't seem so bad now, but he was hell when I took him for Evidence.

So, those are the classes I've seen so far. I'm also taking Insurance Law and Cyber Law, but I haven't had the class yet.

Ugh, I am so tired. I wish I could take a nap, but I just don't have the time. As a word of warning - never try to plan a wedding while also doing law school. *twitch* I know it will be worth it in the end, however trying to gather everything my Mom needs ASAP is driving me out of my fucking skull. And cutting into much needed sleep time. Once again I ask - shoot me?


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