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Tux Shopping
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I woke up this morning and my problem from last night had subsided. Unfortunately I also had a migrane. I pulled myself together because today was the day that Rob, his groomsmen, and myself went tux shopping.

Berek and Al met up with us at our place. Chris was also supposed to be here but he flaked. And I'm kind of really pissed at him for doing so. He didn't even bother to call us to say he wasn't coming! He just didn't show up. How can you just not show up for something as important as a tux fitting for a wedding? Grrrr! And so after waiting about an hour and a half for him we went without him.

We all grabbed lunch at the food court in the mall and then went to the tux shop (there's a Gary's Tux in the mall near us). We picked out the styles for the groomsmen and the style for Rob. I guess we'll just have to let Chris know the styles and he'll have to get measured on his own sometime soon. Rob's brother (also his best man) will be wearing his Navy dress blues so we don't have to worry about a tux for him. The boys got measured and it took a lot shorter for them than it did for my bridal party.

When Rob came out in one of the tux's I nearly drooled all over the place. My Goddess, he looks UNBELIEVABLE in a tux. I've never seen him in a tux or even in a suit for that matter. *drool* Wow. I mean, wow. I'm going to be grinning like an idiot at the wedding. I get to marry the hottest guy in the world! *girlish squeal*

After the tux shop the four of us stopped by the Boba Bar for awhile. Then we came back to my place and Al and Berek headed off. My head still hurts so I think Rob and I might be staying in tonight.


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