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Sunday Night Out
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Today was pretty cool. Rob and I slept in and then spent awhile just lounging around the house today. Since I was feeling a lot better (no more headache - or anything else for that matter) we decided to head out for the night.

We went to the Universal Citywalk and saw Catch Me If You Can. We both really liked it. We then wanted to grab dinner there, but the film got out around 10pm and everything was closing up. Blah. Stuff closes early on Sundays.

We headed on out of Citywalk and grabbed some foodage at a local 24 hour Carl's Jr. After that we headed back home.

I forgot to record one of my favorite shows tonight, but it's not a big deal. Those things always randomly go into repeats anyway.

So - today was fun. Unfortunately tomorrow is going to be all about studying. Grr. We need longer weekends. Just when you start having fun the work week rolls back around.



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