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Can't Sleep, Professors Will Eat Me
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I got almost no sleep last night. I don't know why, but I just couldn't fall asleep. I think I got around two hours max. I remember seeing the clock hit 4am and I got up at 6am, so I'm thinking I got a little less than two hours. I can feel that lack of sleep in every fiber of my being. My eyelids are heavy, my thinking is sluggish, and I keep wavering back and forth because I'm dizzy. If I have some Red Bull with Vivarin chasers I should be able to stay awake until I get home tonight. My last class ends around 2:30pm, but when I leave depends on when I get all of my work done.

On the bright side, for once in my life I was on the correct side of the 101 today. There was a car fire at the Laurel Canyon exit on the eastbound side of the 101. It had the whole 101 blocked up all the way to the Topanga Canyon area. Apparantly it also had my side (westbound) blocked up into downtown LA. However, I get onto the freeway at Laurel Canyon so I had about 100 feet of jammed traffic (people slowing down to stare at the burning vehicle on the other side of the freeway) and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. I still stand by last year's comment that the 101 is Satan's toilet, however I'm happy I wasn't on the crapper side this morning. Hurray for small miracles!

Today should be less than spectacular. I managed to get all my reading done yesterday so at least I'm prepared when I get called on today. And I will get called on in Toxic Torts. Gash loves calling on people and the class is small enough that he can call on everyone during one class period. Which means I'll be getting called on every day this semester in that class. Ugh. So, I only have to make it through three classes (Fed State, Remedies, and Toxic Torts) today. I can do that . . . if I don't fall asleep. I think I'll have whoever is sitting next to me kick me if I start to snore in class.

You know, I'd be happy about this being my last semester if it weren't for my utter lack of job prospects upon graduation. I still haven't even managed to get a single interview. And so I ask anyone who reads this - if you have any connections, if you even know an attorney - please, please, help me. I need a job upon graduation or I'm going to be in a lot of financial trouble.


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