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Mew - We're Going Into Battle!
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Once again I spent most of the day doing stuff around the house. Later in the afternoon Rob and I decided to get out of the house so we headed over to Citywalk and saw Chicago. That film way kicked ass! It wasn't as good as the play (but then again few films ever are as good as what they're based on) but it was fantastic. However, I don't agree with the reviews that say it's better than Moulin Rouge. But then again I just prefer stories about incredible love, hence why Romeo and Juliet will always be my favorite play.

After the movie we headed over to Sam Goody so that I could pick up the DVD of Beauty and the Beast (the Disney version) before it's pulled at the end of the month. While I was there I also picked up the DVD of the Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet.

Then we grabbed dinner at Shanghai and Mein (great Chinese food) and ran all over town to various Blockbuster Videos. I needed to rent a copy of A Civil Action because my Toxic Torts class is requiring us to watch it this week and it was out near us. So, we finally found a copy and then headed home to chill out.

Well, it's getting late and I still have things to do so I'm going to log off for now. G'night all.


what's your battle cry? | | merchandise!

Damn straight. My battle cry is definitely Mew!

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