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Festering Woundness
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Okay, so today sucks. Royally. The vast majority of the day was spent getting school work done and doing the laundry.

Oh, and I now have a festering and infected wound on my stomach. It's black, keeps bleeding (and kind of oozing), and hurts like hell. Rob's been pouring hydrogen peroxide on it for me to try and get some of the infection out. That crap hurts so much I almost passed out. I am not happy.

Oh, and don't even think about telling me to go to the doctor. I know I should and I would if I had any free time. But I have NO free time and when I'm not at school I'm doing things for the wedding or job hunting. I need a breather. I need a life. I need to just take some time off. Aargh!

Today I also found out that my jury postponement might not have gone through. Which means I'll have to serve next month and won't be able to take any time off before the wedding. Someone shoot me?


take the cher test.
and go to because laura isn't cher.

Ew. Wrong. Try 0% Cher.

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