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Frustrated and Tired

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I want to curl up, sleep, and hibernate. I don't want to deal with anyone or anything (with the exception of Rob) for a few years.

Most of the time I'm at school. I pretty much live on campus even though my residence is in the Valley with my fiance. I get here early in the morning (no later than 8am) and leave late at night (sometimes as late as 10pm). Granted, I do have days off. But my "days off" are spent doing fun things like cleaning, laundry, and school work. When I'm not doing that I'm usually trying to pull a huge wedding together. My Mom lives 2000 miles away and so the rest of the wedding planning is up to me. Rob's offered to lend a hand, but considering he doesn't have a driver's license or a car I'll have to be there to drive anyway.

I have no true free time anymore. I find myself looking forward to the days when I do class work and laundry because I don't have to deal with anyone. I find myself not even wanting to get out of bed or leave the apartment on weekends because I have no energy. I'm always tired and those rare times I have energy it's due to the not so healthy combination of Red Bull and No Doz. During the time I need to be awake I take in massive amounts of caffeine. When it's time for bed I take a sleeping pill and pray it wears off in the few hours I have to sleep.

I'm struggling to maintain my GPA at school, I can't find a job, and it's looking more and more like I just spent a massive amount of my parent's money on another worthless degree. My cat is neurotic (pulling his fur out) and has some jaw/throat problem. I've given over $500 to my vets and they still haven't been able to find out what's wrong with him. Meanwhile, my allergies are killing me due to my other cat and she also likes to pee on my in my sleep. I have some weird infected wound on my stomach and it hurts every time I move. I don't have the time to see a doctor about it because I don't even have the time to sleep. My doctor is only open on weekdays and I'm usually at school on weekdays. I can't take off class to see the doctor because I just found out that my jury duty wasn't postponed until after this semester so I'll have to take off sometime next month to be on some dumb ass jury. Which also means my grades will suffer and I won't be able to get time off before the wedding. And that will make me even more insane. To have class the day before my wedding - wow, I'll be lucky if I don't fall asleep during the reception.

The only good things in my life right now are my friends and Rob. And I don't have the time to see all of my friends as often as I would like to. I need a break. I need a vacation. I need the time to see my friends and detox. I need to cuddle Rob. Now. But alas I'm at school again. It feels like I'm here forever. Trapped at Pepperdine and always wanting to be somewhere (anywhere) else. Hell can't possibly be worse than this.


And now for something totally fluffy and devoid of meaning:

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