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I'm driving home from school today on the stretch of the 101 that's right after the Los Virgines on ramp and right before you get back into the Valley. There's a part there with a steep hill so I make sure to drive in the left lane because my car can handle it. So, I'm driving up this hill when I have to slam on the brakes due to a SLOW person in front of me. At first I'm annoyed that someone is in the left lane (fast lane) and is going slower than anyone else on the freeway (speed limit = 65, moron = 20). But my annoyance grows deeper when I see what kind of car is in front of me. Some middle aged pampered bleached blonde society lady (I made sure to look at the driver when they passed) was driving a Mustang GT up that hill. A fricken Mustang GT! Now, I've had one of those and I KNOW for a FACT that they can handle that hill and then some. I was able to push 90 on that hill (it's not speeding if you're going uphill) in my old 'Stang and this bitch was barely pushing 20. She was definitely not worthy to be driving a car such as that. I think a Geo Metro was more her speed. I mean fuck people, if you have a muscle car learn to drive it more than 20 fucking miles an hour on the freeway. Sheesh.

People annoy the hell out of me.


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Oh yeah, I WILL control the world some day. Mwuhahahahahahahaha.

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