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Extra Credit???
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Remember how I posted about having a sub in my Insurance Law class last week? Well, she was back again. Our Professor is still away on business so we had the sub again. Only this time it was even more scary.

We were going over something the book said and the fact that insurance companies in this state do it differently. The sub was curious whether the law that was in the book applied in California or not. And so she wanted one of us to find out the answer sometime this week. In order to try and get one of us to do it she asked if she could offer extra credit.



*nervous giggle*

This is law school. There is no extra credit. There are no pop quizzes, there are usually no midterms, there is only the final. And your entire grade is based on the final. That's all. You get extra credit in grade school and maybe in high school if you take the short bus there, but never in law school.

I can't believe that she was SERIOUS when she asked us this. She's an attorney for Christ's sake. She's been to law school (though from the looks of her it was awhile ago). She should know that you don't do that sort of thing.

Help? This class is so fucking bizarre. Maybe if I miss it I'll have to get my Mommy in Illinois to write a letter saying that I had a boo-boo.



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Hrm, I'm definitely not virginal. Rob kind of ruined me there. But then again I'm not a guy or a whore and I think those were the only other options. Oh well, I'd rather get the virgin result than the whore one.

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