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Double Date Night
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Today kicked mucho ass. Rob and I were woken up this morning when my aunt Jeane and uncle Roy came over to drop off a wedding gift from their adult children. They said it was too heavy and cumbersome to bring to the wedding and they needed to be in my neck of the woods this morning anyway so they dropped it off with us. We got a very cool looking coat rack which is now in the spot between the couch and the front door. It looks way cool.

After getting the coat rack Rob and I got ready because Al and Carrie were meeting up at our place around 4pm. They met at the D&D game that Rob hosted last weekend and seemed to hit it off well. They're interested in getting to know each other a bit better in a no pressure group setting so we all decided to go out tonight.

They both got here pretty close to 4pm and we hung out in our apartment for a little while and talked. Then we headed over to Citywalk for a good portion of the night. We walked around and looked at the shops and then grabbed dinner at Shanghai and Mein. After dinner we checked out some more of the shops and then headed out of Universal City and went down the road to the Boba Bar on Ventura Blvd. We grabbed boba drinks and talked there for a while and then headed back to Rob's and my place. There we hung out some more and Carrie and Al ended up taking off around midnight. A good time seemed to be had by all and Carrie and Al seemed to hit things off pretty well. We'll see where things go from here with them.

Rob and I are currently checking out some stuff on line. I found out that as a kid Carrie had been in a movie (I'm not posting which one on here just in case she ever starts reading this) so I've been checking that out on line. Now I can torture her on Tuesday in Remedies with her "acting name". Yeah, I'm evil, go fig.


take the "are you pittsburgh, miami, or hoboken NJ?" test.
and go to NYC represent.

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