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Here Comes The Rain Again
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The weather forecast last night lied. They said there would be no rain until tonight, but the storm hit sometime last night. Luckily, I woke up before the alarm went off. I need to leave early on rainy days since I have to drive through a mountain road to get to school.

So far today I've been fairly lucky. I woke up about fifteen minites before the alarm went off (which normally would annoy the hell out of me - but since it was raining out was a very good thing) so I was able to hit the road early. KNX was announcing all of the various accidents, SIG alerts, and road closures and luckily my route to school had no problems. The 101 going up here was pretty much clear sailing. It was moving slow because of the rain, but there weren't any major accidents on it to plug it up. Odd, isn't it? The part of the 101 I take to school usually has some sort of accident on it every morning, but today when it's raining out all is fine. It's nice to get some happy goodness on that freeway. I also lucked out because Malibu Canyon was still open. So, I got to school a lot easier than I thought I would.

When it doesn't mess up my commute, I like the rain. There's a certain peace that comes over the city when it gets rainy. And after the rain the city looks all beautiful and clean. Unfortunately my arthritis also acts up, but I can deal. The times I hate the rain are when the freeway I'm on is jammed or when all the roads are closed and yet school is still open. I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of my driving this week will be just as blessed as this morning was. If I don't run into many problems, I'll actually be happy that we're getting a bit of rain. However, if it messes up my commute or rains on V-day I'll be one pissed chick.


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